Post Pics of how your rackets are gripped !!!

Discussion in 'Grip' started by nanoray20, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Pretty neat !!!!!
    Brother, you should post video tutorials regarding "How to grip rackets ?"
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    263A9F4D-3643-495C-8A73-522746A35AE4.jpeg Here’s how I grip my racket. I’m currently using the Adidas Spieler grip, tacky, soft (not spongy), I heard it’s great for sweat absorbance as well. Will try and then review it soon hopefully. Here’s a link to a better quality image.
    Started with the small end of the grip and from the buttcap I worked my way up. At the cone I applied more pressure for it to straighten and avoid making a loose grip there. Then applied the tape with more pressure when gripping it around the cone to make it as neat as possible (OCDly). This is how I feel the most comfortable, grip it over the original factory grip and (for more cushion) a layer of Yonex wrap, pretty neat.
    Edit: turns out some of the vets here already discuss about Adidas grips here on BC, here’s the link:
    On my part, the Spieler grip is not black but rather with a nice pattern and outlines as you can see above. One more thing I eventually found out, aside from the great tackiness and soft but raw feel of the handle, is its rather great sweat absorbing ability. Hope it doesn’t shrink up quickly. My go-to grip now, before this, I used Yonex Overgrip.
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    Thanks bro, i will try to make one when possible. There are plenty on youtube, but i dont have proper place to record video at the moment.

    Some tips: always starts with tapered end, put some tension while wrapping around the butt cap, slowly skew it up, and then loosen the tension a little so that the thickness of the grip remain consistent, and you will get neat spacing with 50% overlap.

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