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    Just strung Bg80(25lbs)/G-tone5(27lbs) on N9II and G-tone5(25lbs)/BG66UM(27lbs) on arcsaber 11.

    I just opened a fresh reel of Gtone 5 and I've never tried this string before. My initial hand feel of the string is that its not as slippery as the BG66UM, but not as hard is BG80. It reminds me of the Gosen R4X momone because they both have the "plastic nylon" feel and look to it. The lime green colour to the gtone is not as neon as the yonex yellow; its darker. While stringing, it was flawless during the crosses. It glide well while pulling the strings and it isn't flimsy like the bg66um gets sometime while getting through shared holes. While stringing the gtone with the mains, it performed well too, but at times you'll hear the "creek" sound from the friction between the grommet and string. My guess is that the gtone5 seems more durable than the R4X momone string. I will try it out racquet and strings on sunday. I used to play with BG65TI in my competitive days... now I just use whatever strings since it doesn't affect my playing style too much, but bg80s are always a plus :)

    Here are some photos and videos I took of myself stringing. One is a timelapse.

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