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    Hey Badminton Folks~ Gonna Make a review on the Pro's Pro Challenger 2!

    I found out there isn't a lot of review on the Pro's Pro Challenger Series. And I understand it feels hesitating when you don't have the reasons to support your buy. So I decided to make one.

    The Pro's Pro Challenger Series is popular among Stringing Beginners:), it has a good price, and quite a good quality (elaborate later).

    I ordered it from W&D (renowned by its competitive pricein the UK) this Tuesday. I originally wanted to get the Pro's Pro Challenger 1, but it is out of stock, and I wanted to get a stringing machine before Christmas, so yea :D I was impatient. It was only different in a presence of a ratchet (explain later).

    Switch the clamps into badminton clamps (just call them directly), and the parcel was delivered to my Uni's Post Room within 2 days! Quick isn't it :cool:

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    Funny isn't it, I got a Pro's Pro Pioneer 2, but I check online, it is just identical to Pro's Pro Challenger 2. My invoice and receipt also states its a Pro's Pro Challenger 2. So don't worry of the accuracy of the review, it is a Pro's Pro Challenger 2 I am having.

    So I unpack it...:cool::p
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    Oh yea! It also comes in with a tutorial on how to string CD :cool: (Nah, I am no beginner :p;), I trashed it :D)

    And CONSTRUCTED IT~ (Instructions are provided in the packing)

    But for the Drop Weight as you can see below, remember to separate it (It might come in screwed together with a bolt) because 1 drop weight is enough to string up to 35 lbs:eek:, which I believe no beginners would go for that yet :p
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    So lets Start!
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    So I will be using my Beloved
    Racket: 3U5G Z-Force!
    Stings: BG 66 Ultimax
    Tension: 28X30
    (Beginners, do not try this at home, believe me, high tension, thin slippery strings)

    Shocking for a 1st go on a drop weight isn't it:cool: That's right, if the machine can withstand a stringing like this, it is the perfect long term machine even when beginners becomes expert!

    (P.S. The unit of the weight bearing is in KG, not lbs "a drawback:mad:" But it is easy to solve, just google it and convert the units.)

    Grip of String
    Well I will be going string Yonex thinnest String, with a diameter of 0.65mm BG 66 Ultimax, and with high tension 28 lbs (~12.7KG). Lets put it up to the test:cool:.

    I first have to adjust the grip of the clamps because my string gauge is very thin.
    There is a wheel, Clockwise tightens, anticlockwise loosens. EASY! :cool:
    Just not be loose, or obviously it can't grip your string.
    Don't be too tight, it damages your string.
    So best if you have an extra a waste string, and just clamp it and pull it with your tension (below), just adjust and repeat until you are satisfied :)
    View attachment 153588

    Surely, I found the clamps are remarkable (BTW, mines were the Dual Clamp 5-Prong clamps, the Pro's Pro Badminton Clamp were out of stock, so they gave the Dual Clamp 5-Prong without increasing the price:cool: So nice!!!!!)

    However, the Liner String Gripper may sometimes fail to grip the BG 66 Ultimax. But it is not my 1st experience like this even on other machines. But overall, it does performs the task!

    So does it pass? In an excellent way:cool:!


    This is important, cause when it pulls the string, if the strings can drag the racket and tilt the supporting frame, there could be inaccurate tension, or may even damage your racket.

    So, 28 lbs on main and 30 lbs on cross?
    20131219_220817.jpg 20131219_221726.jpg
    :cool: The frame didn't move a single bit. :D:rolleyes::)

    Then the Swivel Base Clamps. 28X30lbs? Well they are firm, when the tension is release, the clamps may push back a bit. But it is still a high quality for a beginner's kit. Compared to professional Stringing Machines, I will say it is around 80 to 90 marks out of 100. Might be a good idea to buy a pair of these:cool:
    Yonex Badminton Clamp! It does help you A LOT! (Elaborate more later).

    Stringing Convenience

    Well just to say, this machine is mainly designed for tennis and squash, so there will a bit of inconvenience.

    But just start with the good ones.

    There is an arrow on the Tension Bar Drum which I find quite convenient to check if the right tension is pulled.
    You can see the Arrow very clear. If the arrow pass the white line too much, best to re-pull the string again.

    Next is its constant pull Characteristics! Thanks to gravity, you might find your drop weight machine very accurate even when unlock your clamps. The clamps sometimes may prevent the strings they clamped to stretch. (If you don't understand, just buy the machines and you will understand soon:cool:!)
    Anyway, it is just so cool which electronics and cranks machines can't do that.

    And, the not-so-good ones.

    Stiff rotation base. Well I kind of loosen the bolt which controls the spin, and added some lubricant, still quite stiff when turning the racket around.

    Clashes. As I mentioned, it is mainly designed for tennis and squash, so the support frame was quite huge. You may find it difficult to clamp the strings with the base clamps, as the edges of the supporting frame may just block some areas.

    And this is where the YONEX flyable clamps comes in handy:cool:
    For example, you just you the YONEX flyable clamps to clamp the string if you can't clamp it with the base clamp. But don't worry about losing tension, 2 YONEX flyable clamps will do the trick!:cool:

    Not very portable. The machine is around 21 KG. So it is not like you can pack it in you bag pack and go on a vacation with it.:eek:


    I would say it is a very good machine for beginners! The machine comes with a fantastic price, and the quality is quite good. You can still use it to string high tension with great stability! (Well it was designed to string tennis rackets:rolleyes:)

    Despite some inconvenience, I did still manage to string my Z-Force as the same as my others.

    Highly recommended to Beginners and Intermediates who wants a cheap quality stringing machine.

    Reply if you have anything to ask :D

    (P.S. BTW, The Pro's Pro Challenger 1 have this Ratchet system. It is convenient when you pull the string, and the tension haven't reach, you could lock the liner string gripper in place, and lift the drop weight back up and pull again. However I still manage to string 28X30lbs racket without it. So it wasn't a big deal. But it would be useful for tennis and squash rackets, as their string tension are way higher.

    Still, beginners might consider buying the Pro's Pro Challenger 1 as you might not have much experience yet. I would certainly help. Besides, it is just a few pounds different. It is just that my research found out there are quite a number of damage ratchet on few usage. It is your decision :D)

    Advise for beginners:

    Buy 2 YONEX flyable clamps

    Uses medium size diameter and rough stings for practice. To thick, you will find difficulty for passing through holes with already a string in it. Smooth just makes you lose a lot of grip when stringing through holes with already a string in it.

    Perfect Practice and Patients makes Perfect!

    Good Luck

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    Very good review! Thanks for the info.
    How long did it take you to string your racquet? Do you think with the ratchet system, that it will speed up the stringing time?
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    Well I can string the racket in 40 minutes. But I always like to string my rackets slower if I have the time. So I can fully utilize the constant pull of the drop weight machine.

    Well I think for beginners, the ratchet system might help a bit, cause beginners might find they can't get to the tension directly in 1 pull. It will speed up the stringing in a certain extend.

    However I think what affect the most in stringing time is the experience. Some experienced stringers don't bother to use any stringing tools at all, and manage to string a racket under 20 minutes. So if beginners want to improve their stringing speed, it's the skill and experience they have to improve.

    I didn't use the ratchet system anyway. What I did was, I gently pull the the string and mount it on the gripper, so the string already tight when the machine starts to pull.

    Btw, for your information, there had been quite a few reviews that the ratchet breaks, and the pro pro challenger 1 became a 2 with no ratchet. Just be aware that the ratchet system may not be that strong. But it is just a few pounds different. If you are a beginner and can afford a Pro's pro challenger 1, go for it. :)

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