FS: Pro's Pro TX700 Electronic Stringing Machine (from DK to World)

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    I have recently moved away and, sadly, am unable to do stringing for a couple of months which means that I am currently selling my 7 month old Pro's Pro TX700 machine.
    The machine is in almost brand new condition (considering it has strung quite a few rackets) and comes with original clamps and side supports. So far I have not encountered any issues with the machine and it bothers me to be unable to string another racket with it.
    As I am moving within a short amount of time, I am willing to go low on the price and ship to practically any country in the world. This, of course, changes the shipping price which I can inform you, if interested, practically instantaneously.
    Hopefully, a new stringer/someone who's looking for an electronic machine instead of a drop-weight or crank machine will answer my thread and contact me by e-mail:
    So, here's what it all comes down to: the price of my Pro's Pro TX700 Electronic Stringing Machine is US375$ (ex. VAT/shipping). The price is set so that it is cheaper than the stringing machine stores and have in mind, that when I bought it in Denmark, because of various taxing, it cost me about US$750, so it is quite the bargain for you.
    I am willing to go as low as half the original price as I really need this one sold quickly, and remember, any country is an option, no one is excluded from this purchase.
    Thank you for a lovely time with great posts and helpful tips & tricks for re-stringing badminton rackets in my short time as a stringer.
    Best Regards to you and, hopefully, a new owner,

    PS. I will post pictures of my machine for you to see shortly.
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