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Discussion in 'Vancouver Racquets Club' started by TheRisingX, Aug 1, 2007.

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    I think its best to have a little background first!
    I'm 16 right now, (going to grade 12 this september) and play at an intermediate level (for my age group specifically). I haven't taken lessons yet but was planning to at the end of this month at ClearTwo (friend who takes lessons there says I'd be able to go in Teens Advanced / High Performance). Right now I'm thinking of VRC because I'm aiming to learn lots of intermediate-advanced skills but more importantly get to know a bunch of friends who I'd be able to play with. So here I am trying to find out more information about VRC and how membership really works (the site I have looked at a lot already, im still sort of confused). I was thinking about the "Independant Junior (under 19)" membership but wasn't too sure about all the costs and playing time and everything. Also, apart from the $225 fee would there be any other costs for playing at the club? I may also take the "Junior training program" which I know has additional costs. Finally, What are the times designated for "Independant Juniors" to play? Ultimately, is VRC worth it for someone like me? whats the ballpark I'm looking at for the waiting list time?

    Thats all I can think of at the moment, more questions may come soon :rolleyes:

    Thanks all!

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