Racket Stiffness vs Strength

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    Is there some corelation between racket stiffness & its strength/durability?

    Like on flex racket, when getting some force, they tend to absorb/alter the energy a little & as the result it bend. So on clash or miss hit, they are less likely to be broken.
    While stiff racket as it less likely to alter the energy, it shatter instead thus makes it much prone to be broken when clashing.
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    I guess it comes to material behaviour. Generally stiffer materials will tend to be on brittle side at their breaking point (which is the most extreme force required to break the material) as the material has very little or almost no yielding. On the other hand, a more flexible materials will do the opposite. It tends to yield before it breaks.

    Lets say the analogy between an acrylic plate vs laminate plastic for book/drink bottle. At certain force acrylic will break without/very minimum yielding, whereas for lower density plastics it will yield (deform without returning to original state) and then only break.

    The answer to your second paragraph perhaps is yes, flexier materials will be able to withstand and absorb forces before they reach yielding point, and then return back to normal state. On the other hand, stiffer material dont really yield, and when the force applied is more or greater than the breaking point force, it will immidiately snap and vice versa.

    I hope this answer your curiosity.. cheers

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