Ronald Susilo and Li Jiawei splitting up?

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    Stop this NONSENSE

    'It's not really a problem. We make an effort to keep in touch through SMSes and phone calls.' - Ronald, on being seperated from Jiawei by training stints and competitions overseas -- CHOO CHWEE HUA

    Stop this NONSENSE
    National shuttler and table tennis star splitting up?
    By Kor Kian Beng

    October 18, 2006

    BEMUSED, puzzled, then fed up.
    That was what national badminton player Ronald Susilo felt after he read a news report yesterday morning about his rumoured split with fiancee Li Jiawei.

    'I just had a good laugh about it,' Ronald told The New Paper over the phone last night.

    He said he was then bewildered at the report in Today newspaper, which wrote that he and Jiawei - arguably Singapore's most famous sporting couple - 'have split, according to the sports grapevine'.

    The report cited an unnamed official from the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) as saying that the association is worried of the relationship's impact on Ronald's performance on court.

    When contacted, SBA's acting chief executive, Ms Jacqueline Lim declined comment, saying 'this is a personal matter between them'.

    And to the rumour-mongers, Ronald, 27, has this to say: 'I hope they will stop their nonsense.'

    But surely, there is no smoke without some fire?

    Ronald said that 'maybe people are just jealous' of him and Jiawei, a national table tennis player.

    He added: 'After all, there has not been much news on us since 2004.'

    Ronald, the 2004 Sportsman of the Year, insisted that he will not let himself be affected by his relationship or by such rumours.

    He shrugged off the report and attended a national training session yesterday afternoon.

    A member of the training staff told The New Paper that Ronald was his usual self during the session and didn't seem bothered by the report at all.

    The national shuttler has just returned to Singapore after losing to Taufik Hidayat in the quarter-finals of the Japan Open.

    However, Ronald said he was fed up because the report started a deluge of phone calls from friends, asking about the reported split.

    He said he contacted Jiawei, 25, who is in China preparing for the Doha Asian games, by phone on Sunday night.

    What was her response?

    Ronald said: 'She told me not to be bothered by it.'

    Jiawei, 25, herself told The Straits Times yesterday: 'I'm okay and so is Ronald...

    'I want to thank everyone for their concern. But I don't feel a need to discuss my personal matters.'


    One source close to the couple told The New Paper that she believes the report is unfounded.

    She said she last met Ronald on 8 Oct for lunch and 'he definitely didn't behave like someone who has just broken up'.

    She also added that she had dinner with the couple one month ago and they didn't show any signs of relationship problems.

    The source said: 'Of course, they have had minor quarrels before, which is nothing different from other couples.'

    She added that she is not surprised that such rumours have surfaced.

    Another factor was that the couple now have less time for each other because they have been travelling frequently for training stints and competitions.

    Asked about this, Ronald said: 'It's not really a problem. We make an effort to keep in touch through SMSes and phone calls.'

    Ronald first met Jiawei in May 2002 at the Second Link in Tuas during the Singapore leg of the baton relay for the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.

    Love blossomed after they returned from the competition.

    In 2004, the couple captured Singaporeans' imagination and shot to fame with their efforts at the Athens Olympics.

    Ronald defeated China's world No 1 Lin Dan before he lost in the badminton singles quarter-final, while Jiawei lost in the table tennis singles semi-finals and then the bronze-medal play-off.

    Ronald proposed to Jiawei after she returned from the Games one week after him.

    The couple have reportedly bought an apartment in Kembangan.

    Ronald confirmed that he will be moving in soon, but Jiawei will be staying put at her current residence because it's nearer to where she trains.

    But since then, there have been no news of wedding plans.

    Ronald said they have not set a wedding date because both are focusing on their careers, especially on the coming Doha Asian Games.

    But to set the record straight, he said: 'Everything is fine between us. We are very much in love.'

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    Has the love match between sport's golden couple ended?

    By Jose Raymond

    SINGAPORE: Their love affair was described as the perfect sports match.

    The love story of Ronald Susilo and Li Jiawei made the headlines for months after they announced in September 2004 that they were engaged to be married, following a two-year courtship which began soon after they took part in the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.

    But recently, on top of having to face bruising battles in the sporting arena, it appears that all is not well with Singapore's most famous sporting couple.

    Susilo and five-time Sportswoman of the Year Li have split, according to the sports grapevine.

    Talk of the pair going their separate ways has surfaced before. Close friends and associates of the pair told TODAY that theirs has been an on-off relationship.

    Susilo, the 2004 Sportsman of the Year, laughed off the suggestion that he and Li, now ranked sixth in the world, have split.

    He said: "Everything is fine between me and Jiawei." He added that the last time they met was a month ago, just before the start of the Volkswagen Singapore Open table-tennis championships.

    Li, who is currently undergoing centralised training in China, could not be contacted.

    Sources at the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) told TODAY that they were worried over how the latest developments regarding Susilo's relationship with Li could affect his performance on the court.

    "We are concerned ... with the Asian Games just six weeks away," said an official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    "We see that he is very frustrated sometimes and we are also aware of the rumours that he and Jiawei have split. We also know that he is very much in love with Jiawei."

    The official added that Susilo was not asked about his problems as it was something which the couple would have to sort out between themselves.

    Susilo, too, has not discussed any of his personal problems with the sports bodies as "he is very professional", said the official.

    Sources close to TODAY said on Sunday night that Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) president Choo Wee Khiang could raise the matter with Li when he visits her over the next two weeks in China.

    Mr Choo declined comment on Sunday, but STTA general manager Jackie Tay said: "What goes on between Jiawei and Susilo is strictly their business."

    The couple bought a private apartment in Kembangan after their engagement but did not set a date for the marriage.

    Susilo, who ruptured his Achilles tendon last August at the World Championship, has been on the comeback trail since the start of the year.

    He returned to Singapore two days ago after losing to Taufik Hidayat in the quarter-finals of the Japan Open.

    Before his defeat by Taufik, he made the finals of the New Zealand Open in August, but lost to Malaysian Lee Tsuen Tseng. - TODAY

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