FS/FT: RSL Diamond X7 Carbon w/ Weight Positioning System - UK only

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    Hello all,

    I have a high-end racket from RSL that can be customized in weight/balance point for sale:

    RSL Diamond X7 Carbon
    Grip: G5
    Weight: 80-87g, comes with full Weight Positioning System (3 top plates, 2-pair side plates, 4 handle plates) allow you to add weight to the racket and change the balance point
    Strung with Yonex BG66Ultimax - 22lbs
    Condition: Mint. There is one scratch as some amateur hit it. Bought 2 month ago, warranty just expired, will come with racket.
    More specifications at http://www.rsl-1928.com/diamondxseries.php
    Location: UK mainland only. I am in Birmingham, if you want to come to collect.
    Come with a tennis cover.

    Price: GPB £120

    Additional information: I am attaching 3 plates to another racket.

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