FS/FT: RSL M10 SCREAM 98 & 88 Mint Condition (SG)

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    letting go (sale or trade) 2 RSL M10 rackets.

    RSL M10 Scream series 98 and 88, 1 each. Both only bought yesterday afternoon. Willing to let go at slight discount.
    Letting go the 98 at S$100 and 88 at S$90; or if you take both, i'll take another $10 off the total price. Or if you suitable rackets to let go, i'm willing to consider trading.
    Brand new (mint condition). only 2 days old.
    3U G5
    Strings used are Zymax 70 at 25 pounds on the 98, and BG80 at 23 pounds on the 88.
    New grips included.
    In Singapore only.

    Brief review: I've not done this before, so i can only give a general user feedback. Having tested both tonight, I found both more suited to players who want a lighter, even balanced, and easy to handle racket. Both feel light in the hand, but the 98 feels a tad more head heavy than the 88, thus giving it more power.
    Although light in hand, i can return shots easily without having to struggle with racket vibration during contact. They are quick and fast at the net, and good enough from the back of the courts.
    Very good feel overall. Nothing much to dislike about, except it is not head heavy enough for me.

    Pictures attached for reference.

    PM me if you are interested.

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