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    Blk540 Jelepang road
    waitt did any1 of you guys here used an astrox lite 27i yet, cause i hv been wanting to buy it but theres like not much reviews on it at all
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    Aug 3, 2021
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    I ordered it last week and tried it out today funnily enough. I haven't gotten completely used to it but I'll share what my experiences have been like. It's my first time trying out a 5u racket and so far it's been positive. It's quite fast and you can't feel the head when swinging it through the air despite it being HH. For the price it's quite a good racket.

    It's main strengths are supporting you with drives, defence, and net play, a front court players dream in that regard. Great for snappy shots too. Smashes from the front to mid are great with the speed and responsiveness but from the rear court it's nothing special, just good. You're unlikely to get one shot kills as this mainly helps for continuously attacking, controlling and letting your partner intercept and kill it for you at the front. I'd overall recommend this for front-mid court players and maybe to rear court players if their technique is good enough to use light rackets. For singles you don't need that speed and there are better rackets out there that's more stable for it.
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