Small stringing flow changes that made a big difference

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    I actually thought the thread would be small things that make big flow differences in terms of time saved, so here are a couple of things I found with my dropweight that lead to much lower stringing times. Note that I use a PP challenger, and do not preweave.

    1) consistent pattern - I use a 1 piece bottom up pattern, same as Yonex 2 string, just continuing on one side where you'd normally tie off one of the mains. A two piece is faster overall, but just sticking to the same pattern saves minutes over time! Consistent pattern also means starting crosses going under the first main for me, it's a habitual movement to start weaving that increases flow over time.

    2) minimise turntable movements i.e. on mains, work outwards with both strings, alternating sides 1 pull at a time. This might sound obvious from a balance/symmetry perspective, but I used to try 2-3 tensions before switching sides and so on - this was because switching string ends was annoying.

    3) hold one end (long end for 1 piece) in my mouth at all times (until the end is short). Yeah, it's awkward to talk, but I'm generally watching TV :p This also simplifies where I'm expecting to thread a hole and means I can focus on other things.

    4) put the turntable near sitting height, close to the sofa. This allows me to "lock" the turntable using my knee - I can spin it whilst disengaging the dropweight and stop it with my knee, ready to thread the next hole. This is not great for your back to be fair, but its pretty good for 2-3 racquets.

    Anyhow, that's my tips and tricks! My record is 26 mins in dropweight, and the first time I tried a shop professional rig I got a 24 minute job!
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    Great idea on a thread for what seems to be 'pearls' of stringing. I personally didn't believe in changing the tension too often during stringing, unless it's requested. I prefer just to do what's most efficient for me as I wouldn't notice any difference with slight changes in string tension anyway. One pearl that really helped me was to think differently.

    Always be doing something WHILE the machine is tensioning. Don't weave then tension, weave while tensioning.
    Minimize the use of tools, use it properly once.
    Cut the string at a diagonal to begin with, don't do a straight cut then later realize your string isn't sharp enough to fly through shared holes.
    If not pre-weaving, hold the string end close so that you can weave the next one quicker; either in your hands or in your mouth, I prefer in my hands.
    Use the diablo when you're pulling at an angle e.g. shared holes, but don't use it when pulling straight saves time wrapping it. Takes time to get used to doing it like this.
    Double-wrap on the diablo if your gripper is slipping.
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