Smash technique - beginner (elbow position)

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    Hello :), I recently watched a video by Victor Axelsen regarding the correct smash technique. He specified when pulling the elbow back that it should be above your shoulder height. Whereas when I've watched numerous other videos they've said to position the elbow below the shoulder to achieve maximum leverage in the swing. Personally, I thought Tobias Wadenka's video on this was immense, but given the calibre of Victor Axelsen, it has me questioning the correct technique. I would be very grateful to hear your thoughts :)

    I've time stamped both videos for convenience
    Victors video:

    Tobias video:
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    The difference is relatively small. One has the elbow a little higher, the other a little lower. But it makes no sense to keep the elbow very low and very high.

    Then it also depends on small things. One has a smaller/faster backswing, the other might have more power.

    Have a look at the Axelsen video from 3.27min. This is similar to Wadenka. Wadenka just explains better and Axelsen exaggerates a bit.
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