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    hi all,

    What kind of sport/smart watches and hr sensors you used during badminton session ? There is a lot watches with wrist measurement, does it works? Any recommends ?


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    For Badminton, you don't need many functions:
    • You want your watch to tell time, to gauge how long you've done a certain drill, and for general planning, especially if you're the coach or training yourself.
      A surprising number of watches fail to do this, either because they don't have the current time as a field (thankfully, most modern watches can do this just fine), or need some kind of gesture or button press to turn on their screen (most Android&Apple watches).
    • Interval training with vibration is nice, again primarily if you're the coach or training yourself. For example, the 1v3 corners drill is commonly performed with switching feeder/runner and corner every 90s. If you can just set your watch to vibrate every 90s, then you can focus on the badminton.
    • For most people, heart rate (HR) is not nearly as important. It gives you a way to see whether you should take more breaks, both in competition and training. Most people can just feel this though.
      The resting heart rate can also give an indication of how much stress you can take.
      You can also use it for training control; for example, the first step of my warm-up is jogging until my HR reaches 160. When I've fallen out of bed into the hall (and am well-rested), this may take a while.
    • You can use recovery advisory to check if you're resting enough, and to set the intensity of training. Personally, with every new watch I have this enabled initially, but quickly disable it because it has limited use for me so far.
    That's it: GPS is useless and should be turned off during badminton due to high energy consumption. Pulse-Ox is only useful if you're doing endurance training, which does not fit the badminton sport profile. A barometer could be useful to judge shuttle speed, but you can just test the shuttles.

    The watch should also work an entire training day, or better yet, a whole training camp of up to a week, without needing to charge. Unfortunately, every watch has their own charging standard and do not use USB-C or Qi, so you need to pack an extra cable, which is easy to forget.

    Good current-generation watches can monitor your heart rate just fine. Watches released ~2017 and before often have a bit of trouble tracking during badminton, especially if you do backcourt work. Note that wrist heartrate monitoring requires a particular fit, snug and higher up the arm. If you prefer the watch to be a bit looser and closer to your wrist, accuracy will be diminished. Even with the current generation, I've found a heart-rate chest strap to be much more accurate. Thankfully, most chest straps can send Bluetooth and ANT+ by now, and serious sports watches can generally pick up one of the two or even both.

    A button interface works much better than a touch screen, because you don't have to look at the watch to start/pause an interval or the recording.

    Unfortunately, for many people a watch is a fashion accessory rather than a tool, and many manufacturers tend to optimize for looking good in a showroom and fancy features rather than basic functionality and usability.

    For badminton, I would look into the Garmin Forerunner 45 / 245 / 645 / fēnix 5 plus, Polar Vantage V, or Suunto 3 / 5.
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    'round here....
    Great points. I'm currently looking for a sports watch after trying a smartwatch (Ticwatch E, paid less than 30 € and was still disappointed). Having tried the smartwatch made me realize that's just not what I am looking for. I didn't know it before, so the 30 € spent for learning this were just fine, but now I'm looking at sportswatch and I was about to ask @phihag or create a thread here.
    I want a watch that I can use as a coach and as an athlete, this is not only limited to badminton, but also a little bit more, but I'm willing to compromise, since I'm also looking at the price.

    As a coach, this is actually the key feature I expect from the watch. I want an easy to access, easy to use interval timer. It would be nice to be able to store several settings, but if it's easy enough to change the settings, that's enough. I think for Gamin, a third party app/widget is needed for this, unfortunately it's not that easy to find out online and I didn't get to try one myself yet. Does somebody have more information? I need timers where It's very important to not only vary between 5 and 10 seconds, but I also need 7 seconds. If anyone has any experience with any sports watch, please share it!

    I would like to have a heart rate sensor build in, but I would not trust it too much for Badminton. They have gotten better, but they seem to even it out too much for a sport like badminton, where rallies often only last for seconds.
    What is more of an indicator for stress (and how much more you can handle) is the heart rate variability. When being relaxed and resting, without stress, the pulse is not steady, it's variable. I do not know if the optical sensors are accurate enough to really measure that though. More and more smart and sports watches seem to do that, but I do not know how much you can trust that. It would be interesting considering....
    This would be really interesting considering that there's many people who need to train for themselves. Most clubs in Germany will offer training for adults maybe once a week, that's not enough for the physical part. There's some research on block training that uses the HRV (Hear Rate Variability) to choose between different blocks of the training schedule. First results look very very promising. This would be great to have on your wrist. With a chest strap, I'd trust the results, only with an optical sensor? I don't know, but I'd like to try it. That way I could see if I recommend it to others.
    If you want to use your sports watch for bicycling, maybe running, hiking, ...., GPS is more than nice to have. Not a must, since your phone can probably track all that, but it would be nice, at least to me. Most of the watches will have it though, nowadays.
    The missing standard for charging is a pain in the butt, but if you're really looking into sports watches, they all should last a day easily. A Android Wear Smartwatch? Not so much.
    The option to pair a chest strap should definitely be there! The shorter the intervals are, the worse the optical sensor based measurements seem to be, so if you really want to track badminton, you want to have that option. Fortunately, this seems to be standard, too.

    One option that I was really missing in the past months, was open water swimming tracking. The optical heart rate sensor will most likely not give any usable results (often it is even switched off), but a rough estimation of the distance would be nice since I really cannot estimate that on my own. I never thought I'd miss that, but I did!

    What about the weight? The Ticwatch is very lightweight, so I didn't mind that at all, but I could imagine that having the weight of a racket on your left arm (Garmin Fenix 5 Plus for example) might be uncomfortable.

    What about sports profiles? Most tests seem to be running/triathlon based, so I didn't get much information on that so far.

    Do you have experience with some of these? What's the advantage of the Vantage V over the Vantage M? I thought the M should be just fine. Why are you missing out the FR 735? Very affordable now. What about Corox? Corox Apex seems to be reasonably priced. Any experience with the Garmin Vivoactive 3? Please share on why you think these watches are worth a look, but others aren't, especially if you have first hand experience!

    Please share everything you know about timers/timer settings, sports profiles and their adaptability and everything else I forgot!
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