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    I have a Yonex Z-Force (please don't have a go at me for having a stupidly expensive racquet :D) and I currently have BG66 ULTIMAX strings on it at 24lbs tension.

    Now I know that they say that lower tension provides more power and I am predominately a doubles player that thrives on power, massive clears and smashes are my thing.

    Are there any particular strings out there that anyone would recommend above the BG66 UMs? I feel I can squeeze just slightly more power out if my strings were definitely right for me.

    Thanks in advance
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    Try to look around for the Zymax 62 or 65. The 65 (quite new) is slightly less repulsive as the 62 but it has a better durability.

    Else as always BG80/80P N98 but this also depends a lot on the feeling you can get with those different strings in comparison with with 66UM (feeling wise). I got the Z force also and im Currently playing with the Li Ning ap62 (more or less the Zymax 62 with same thin gauge) It rocks.

    Problem it s advised to not string over 26 lbs for the ap62 , written 30 lbs on the zymax62 tho . A strong mishit or too much small mishits will defo make brake faster the strings more than any other one(thicker). At 24 lbs you should be safe though^^.

    Take a look in the other thread "Asahaway renew the zymax series "or anything similar to this.

    my 2c

    ps: I played with the 66 UM and bg 80 before on the very same racquet
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