FS: Stringing Machine; Penta Premium 7600 (8600); $900

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    Feb 10, 2019
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    I just got an amazing offer for a Li-Ning E5000, so I decided to make the jump and sell my crank machine and put that capital towards a new electronic one :)

    I got this Penta Premium 7600 about a year ago new, then about 5 months ago I bought the floor stand (because it originally came with the tabletop). If you do decide to take this machine off me, I'll include both floor and tabletop stands. I believe the only difference between the 7600 and the 8600 is the floor stand, but I may be wrong, but anyways, it works amazing :)

    I'll throw in the tools you'll need:
    4 picks/awls
    2 fixed clamps (not amazing for badminton, but great for tennis and squash stringing tbh)
    2 yonex flying clamps (my bread and butter for stringing)
    a nail clipper if you really want one

    I take care of my machine a lot as it was my first big investment by myself, which led to me having my own small stringing business here in London, Ontario (and sometimes the GTA).

    If you want any specific photos (angles, of certain parts, or anything) just message and I'll try my best to get those for you asap.

    I am situated in London Ontario for school, but I can also go to Richmond Hill/Toronto, and probably any cities in-between (Mississauga, Oakville, etc.). Hopefully looking for $900CAD, but I am up for a chat about the price!

    Don't hesitate to ask any questions :)


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