FS: Stringway Tabletop Dropweight Machine with Single Action Fixed Clamps and All Metal Stand

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    I have a good condition 8/10 machine for sale. This thing works great and is built like a tank but I haven't played in years so I just cannot justify owning it or the space it takes up.

    Asking 950. Cash and picked up or buyer pays for shipping.

    I also have two stands built for it, there's a folding portable stand that's on wheels for when I used to go to tournaments. This is included.

    I also have a really sturdy stand that I had custom built, it's all steel, looks amazing and can be used with most other machines as well. This will make any table-top look worthy in a shop or just a very serious stringer's space. Will be asking for 200 if anyone is interested in just the stand but of course there's a package deal if buyer takes the stand(s) and the machine.

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