Teaching 7 yr old Badminton

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Abdullah Ahmad AAK, May 20, 2020.

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    So I got a younger sister who is very interested in playing badminton with me but gets frustrated when I throw the shuttle up and she can't hit it.

    Do any of you have tips to slowly progress her game skills in a way so that she maintains her interest?

    At the moment, she is practicing with a balloon instead of a shuttle and we do games of 5 points :D
    ^Thank you Shuttle Time for that idea

    So how do I take her skills further from this point?
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    The tips i guest is to makes it fun & not frustated her instead.

    Some kids dont like long speak theory, let them learn by doing more & little bit of theory. Give example & let her do it.

    Lure them to train at home together with you. If she really look at you & adore you, she most likely to copy anything you do. So for example if she had bad timing on stroke, hang a shuttle at your hand height & stroke it repeatly. Ofcourse it would be to easy & wont benefit you but the main point is so she get interest on it on her own & following you. Remember training alone is boring & less motivating than having a friend to train with.

    Im not a coach but at least that what i do if i want to teach a kids version of myself:D.
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    Hi there

    Made a thread about such similar topic years back and maybe there are some good points you can find in the discussions


    Coaching those at a younger age definitely require a different strategy of approach esp from the aspect of mentality, physical, technique, equipment etc. Its not as a straight forward coaching method like those adult players received. . When they look at the court, only god knows their feelings about how big it is to them. You give him your most reliable and expensive racket, the first thing that comes out from their mouth is how heavy it is and couldn't image how father still manage to wield it while playing.

    Due to their age factor, their learning curvature is going to be slow. sometimes very slow. They will lost some interest and focus at certain time. Those are the challenges. That's why you need to be smart in your approach so that the interest is still there. The transition to make them to commit and stay focus in their training esp when they're on court from the earlier mentality of just treating it as for fun is not easy and need to be done in stages.

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