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    Based on the report in Bola, these are the players to be sent to ABC:
    Full Thomas Cup Team, except for Taufik Hidayat, which means
    MS -- Sony Dwi Kuncoro, Simon Santoso, and Markus Wijanu
    MD -- Candra Wijaya/Sigit Budiarto, Luluk Hadiyanto/Alvent Yulianto, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan

    In addition, 4 XD pairs will be sent:
    Nova Widianto/Lilyana Natsir, Anggun Nugroho/Yunita Tetty, Devin Lahardi/Vita Marissa, Mohammad Rizal/Endang Nur Sugianti

    Again no WS and WD players are sent to compete....which is very very disappointing. How can they be competitive if they are always grounded at home?

    As for Jakarta Satelitte, again minimum participation from Pelatnas, despite being held at home. Those WS and WD main team players are again absent, except for Wiwis Meilyana and Nadya Melati/Nitya Krishinda. Reason cited: if they don't win the satellite tournament, they might not be sent to compete in Phillipine or even the upcoming Indonesia Open (reward and punishment system). Therefore, no participation from Nana, Firda, and Jo/Greysia.

    MS: Adnan Fauzi, Sakti Kusuma, Andreas Adityawarman.
    MD: Hendra Gunawan/Joko Riyadi, Yonathan Suryatama/Yoga Ugikasah, Rendra Wijaya/Frans Kurniawan.

    Why on earth they are still letting Hendra/Joko compete in Satellite? They have proven themselves in ABC and Chinese Taipei Open last year, even reaching the semi-final of ABC taking a set out of Jung Jae Sung/Lee Jae Jin. Hendra Gunawan is already 23 years old (older than Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan) and if PBSI don't promote this pair this year, it might be too late for them to be a top 10 pair for Olympics 2008 in just 2 years time!
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    What's wrong with PBSI?

    I think PBSI is just way too poor in term of financial esle must be poorly run? Can't imagine Indonesia is getting so "isolated"(not actively participating in most of the IBF events) from once badminton superpower house. Such a pity and a downfall ...
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    Yes, it is indeed a fool PBSI. I don't offend PBSI, but in this case, they have done foolish mistakes, and they got the result : THE UC TEAM FAILED TO GO TO JAPAN !!!!
    So, it is not strange if a lot of player from Indonesia try to go abroad, because PBSI never gives them chance to go to tournament.

    Okay, that PBSI has a great players who are now in the organization board, but I do not think that they are good planners and organization people.
    So, in this case, for Indonesia, winning a UC again is just like a dreaming which never become true.
    Don't be happy that in 2008 Indonesia could join the UC final, it is because they play in Indonesia....but if not in Indonesia, I am quite sure that the UC team will not go again....not to underestimate PBSI, but this is the fact.

    Rudy Hartono, you should be more wise in this case. Indonesia is now below Malaysia and a lot of countries who were below you. Is it the end of the Indo badminton?? Well, I think it all depends on PBSI's policy.

    Don't forget that the men team will also face the same problem, look...Taufik is someow not stable, though he is great...only him...look at Sony and Simon...not mature enough in mentality....maybe could also lack of techniques and experiences (esp..Simon)..and who is Markus Wijanu....I am sure only few people know this player. Has PBSI sent him to big tournament before TC??? Hahaha....dreaming !! PBSI only wants their players to win, not even pay attention to their progress and their experiences..
    Remember, great players like Susi Susanti and others became great because of experience, not only because of PBSI stupid policy...

    Look at China, why they always have great players..because they really realize that they cannot rely on only one or two players forever. Look at Indonesia, during the golden era of Susi, you have Mia, but since Susi retired and Mia moved out, who else?? Nobody?? Some players tried to be, but they failed, they weren't sent to a big tournaments, only satellite...(this is only for beginners), even worst, not even any single tournaments for ladies...

    No money?? I doubt it. Sutiyoso as a chair of PBSI is a rich could donate some of your money to help.
    I think if the TC failed again next month, this is the time for Sutiyoso and some other organizational board to retire !!! also not to mention Rudy Hartono, better for him to be only coach.....and also some others...don't blame the coach and players....they already tried their best, but since their ranking is low (due to lack of tournament), so they have to face strong opponent in the early round in big tournament...and what PBSI wants is really nonsense...semifinal ??????

    Indonesia, you should learn from China and Malaysia as well......also some europeans. :cool:
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    OMG! The one pair I feel most sorry about is Novita/Polii. They have such great potential, they only have 8 out of maximum of 10 tournaments a year the world ranking points are based on and they are already world no. 10. If PBSI could just send them out to more tournaments they could just do pretty well. What on earth is wrong with them. And so the PBSI-bashing continues in this thread...
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    coming to a court near you...
    If PBSI can't afford to send more players (esp WS & WD where they REALLY need the exposure) to a tournament located as close as Malaysia, then there's absolutely no hope. Not only that, ABC is the last Asian ranking tournament for the World Championships and the competition will be reasonably good. What is PBSI's agenda? Very mysterious.

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