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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Daniel2207, Dec 29, 2018.

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    Apologies if there is already a forum for this, however I couldn't find it :(

    I just wanted to start an open discussion about the effects of the gym in badminton find out peoples views and how they think it helps. I think I have neglected gym for too long in badminton and so am starting soon but wanted to know in particular what people that do gym have found improves in their badminton game?
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    Interested to see peoples views on this aswell as ive been going gym for 6 months or so aswell with the intention of improving my movement on court.
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    It depends what one wants to improve and focus on. Going to the gym can simply be working on injury prevention and it is why I do it. It doesn’t really benefit on your game by itself but if it allows you to add one more session of badminton a week for example without injuring yourself or being totally worn off the next session then it is already huge. It means you can play longer at your full potential each session and therefore improve your game by maximizing the efficiency of your play time. Obviously it can also impact your resistance to the effort of badminton and therefore your endurance on court.

    Personally I had a list of small injuries adding up last season and it slowed down my progress a bit. After starting working out regularly with a program tailored around injury prevention/muscle reinforcement I slowly removed those injuries (shin splits, shoulder, back pain) and now play 3/4 times a week instead of 2 times last season. In my case the gym sessions are very important but doesn’t just consist in weight training. I use elastic bands, balance board, small weights, a bit of yoga, planking, etc. It’s not too heavy but what matters is too be regular on your sessions to feel the benefits of it. Working out 1 month before giving up won’t be benefitting you much. You have to plan on the long term and fix yourself an objective to stay motivated.

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