The Victor Service Shuttlecock (Europe) Speed 78

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    Dear all,

    I would like to let you know that my shuttle order has arrived yesterday. I have since got the change to test out the Victor Service shuttle in speed 78. As I could not find a review of this shuttle anywhere, I decided to write one.

    The Victor Service shuttle have been bought for close to 25 euro per tube. When playing, they have an initial heavy but crispy feeling reminiscent of both the AS30 and AS50 - two shuttles which I otherwise play with and really enjoy. The Victor service shuttle is not BWF approved. Because of this, I got a little worried as to how they would perform. After a few initial hits during testing, I was very pleasantly surprised and found myself smiling out of relief that I will enjoy all of the other tubes that I have bought blindly after some emails with the shop owner.

    Performance and characteristics: The flight trajectory of the Victor was very similar to both the AS30 and AS50. After playing close to 8 games of singles to 11, the Victor Service lasted an absolute ridiculous amount of time with no feathers breaking and fraying on only one of the feathers. This is by far, the most durable shuttle that I have played with out the Yonex AS50 & AS30, RSL Classic and the Forza VIP.

    If I was to rate this shuttle based on flight and play performance, I would give it a solid 7.5-8/10. In comparison, the AS30 would be an 8/10. The Victor Service tries to be a AS30 but does not quite match up to it. It does get really close to it however and does so way better than the RSL Classic (which to me is a very disappointing shuttle with a very linear and stressful flight trajectory).

    To conclude my short review, I am genuinely very pleased with the Victor Service.
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