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    Got ACL tear on my right knee July 3rd, since then tried to manage day to day activities (no badminton) without surgery. Finally made my mind and got the ACL recontruction surgery done on 11th Dec. Now iam starting with physio since last week. Starting to walk 10 steps limping as of now. Need advice from anyone who had undergone the same. Iam now 41 yrs
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    Gradually increase time and resistance on stationary bike.

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    Jun 28, 2018
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    Hello all,

    I recently learned that I have a partially torn ACL in my right knee.

    Backstory :- the injury was caused in a bike accident before covid.. the then orthopedist for some reason unknown (? No fractures on x-ray) didn't stress on the MRI so i just limped around (no badminton) for almost 2 yrs and then slowly my knee started getting better at movements and jogging / running after a light warm-up i started playing badminton almost as good as before untill a month back when the pain and slight instability returned so i got the MRI done with the results aforementioned.

    I'm 37 now and would be getting hitched this year. So for now I have started wearing brace and taking pills for joint support and strengthening (similar to those suffering from osteoarthritis). The pain has definitely reduced.
    I'm still playing my regular doubles at similar intensity but fewer games. A few days back I was baited to a singles game best-of-three after my doubles session.. which left my knee a bit sore (but i won :p).

    I will continue this regime for a couple more months (I'm taking half dosage currently) and then decide. The long recovery/rehabilitation period and the fear of getting my joint space exposed and getting subpar end results is the deterrent in my case.

    P.s :- I'm avoiding that singles player nowadays.. he's itching for a rematch !
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