Tsuen Seng’s attitude continues to haunt him

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    Tsuen Seng’s attitude continues to haunt him
    K.M. Boopathy

    Sept 04: LEE Tsuen Seng's lack of focus and suspect fitness continue to haunt him but the player has yet to make a decent effort to overcome his weaknesses.

    His setbacks were exposed yet again in the Malaysian Open as what should have been an easy first round victory turned out to be an embarrassing defeat against unheralded Indonesian junior Simon Santoso.

    Tsuen Seng was too casual and appeared over-confident early in the first game and that proved too costly as the unseeded Malaysian was beaten 17-15, 3-15, 15-11 by the Indonesian qualifier.

    Tsuen Seng took a 6-1 lead in the third game but lost steam to allow the Indonesian to snatch an unlikely victory.

    National coach Misbun Sidek was not satisfied with Tsuen Seng’s performance and said that the shuttler must do something about his attitude of taking things lightly.

    "It appeared in the beginning like he was a little over-confident. Probably, he under estimated Simon and it has cost him dearly," said Misbun.

    "Even if he is not at his best, there is no reason for Tsuen Seng to lose as he has the experience.

    "This is not the first time Tsuen Seng has done this. Previously he used to lose to better players but this time it was to a junior.

    "I can only advice him but the onus is on him to change his attitude as this could affect his career. Now it is back to reconditioning before he goes to the European circuit."

    It was Tsuen Seng's third tournament in a row but he performed slightly better in the Singapore and Indonesian Opens. Tsuen Seng lost to Chen Yu of China in the third round in Singapore and lost in the quarter-finals to eventual champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in Batam Island last Friday.

    Tsuen Seng's next two tournaments are the Danish Open on Sept 21-26 and the German Open a week later but he might suffer early defeats if he remains unchanged.

    The former Dutch Open champion denied that he was over-confident but said that he was too sluggish and lost focus.

    "I had a poor start and I was not feeling comfortable at all on court.

    "I was fine on fitness but just could not play. I have to return and train harder."

    Tsuen Seng has vowed to work harder on so many occasions but has not fulfilled his pledge in the past.

    If he continues to take things lightly, Tsuen Seng will fade away from the international scene well before his prime.

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