Xie Xingfang defeats Mia Audina Tjiptawan 2-1

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    Reported by Netease Sports Channel, March 11, 2006 Beijing time, from Chengdu.
    Xie Xingfang and Holland’s famed Mia Audina TJIPTAWAN are the first to fight in women’s singles today. After a hard-fought rubber 21-15, 12-21, 21-11, Xie Xingfang enjoys her promotion to the final.

    Xie Xingfang gets off to a flying start with a wonderful 4-1 shortly after the first game starts. Then Mia Audina Tjiptawan exploits her experience to cool herself down by changing the ball. As the game goes on, Mia battles back and surpasses Xie at 14-12.
    However, Xie Xingfang handles quite patiently and force her rival to miss unceasingly. After notching 4 consecutive points, Xie Xingfang adds 4 more points at one fling to win the game point at 20-15. And the game ends in 21-15 finally.
    Mia makes some adjustment in the second game and it works. She soon takes the lead of 11-6 and seals the second game at 21-12 afterwards.
    When it comes to the rubber game, Xie Xingfang shows full of vigor and makes a perfect beginning of 6-1. Xie Xingfang shrivels Mia who is restricted to her age and physical force. Shortly after that, Xie Xingfang wins the right to alternate courts by 11-4. The later game becomes a sheer slaughter. Xie Xingfang controls the match completely while Mia could do nothing but being weighed down with Xie’s manoeuvre. In the end Xie Xingfang scores a tidy win over Mia with 21-11.
    The winner between Wang Lin and Chen Wang will be Xie Xingfang’s rival in the final.(by 旺旺)

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