YELLOW, RED and BLACK cards - WHAT??

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    The rules on misconduct are stated in BWF Law 3 Recommendations To Umpires:


    IMO, of particular relevance are the following incidents:

    3.5.1 - A player throwing a racket into the opponent's court or sliding under the net thereby causing obstruction and distraction, and possibly suspension in play.

    3.5.4 - Players leaving the court without the umpire's permission.

    3.5.5 - Players deliberately causing delay and suspension in play by unnecessarily walking around the court.

    3.5.6 - Coaching from off the court in any form while the shuttle is in play. Coaches must be seated in the designated seats and do not stand court-side during the match except during the permitted intervals. They must not distract or cause disruption to play and players. Such coaches can be warned and for a second similar offence be removed from the arena floor by the Referee.

    Most of these breaches are covered under BWF Law 16 on CONTINUOUS PLAY, MISCONDUCT & PENALTIES.

    Of special note is Law 16.6 which states that:

    A player shall not:

    16.6.1 - deliberately cause delay in, or suspension of, play;

    16,6,2 - deliberately modify or damage the shuttle in order to change its speed or its flight;

    16.6.3 - behave in an offensive manner; or

    16.6.4 - be guilty of misconduct not otherwise covered by the Laws of Badminton.

    The Umpire is given the power to penalize those who breached the Law.

    16.7 Administration of breach

    16.7.1 - The umpire shall administer any breach of Law 16.4, 16.5 or 16.6 by: - issuing a warning to the offending side; (Umpire calls the offending player to his side, raises his right hand holding a YELLOW CARD (Yellow Card) above his head and calls aloud "...player's name, WARNING for misconduct". - faulting the offending side, if previously warned. Two such faults by a side shall be considered to be a persistent offence; (Umpire calls offending player to his side, raises his right hand holding a RED CARD above his head and calls aloud "...player's name, FAULT for misconduct"; or

    16.7.2 - in cases of flagrant offence, persistent offences or breach of Law 16.2 (on Intervals), the umpire shall fault the offending side and report the offending side immediately to the Referee, who shall have the power to disqualify the offending side from the match.

    For disqualification or BLACK CARD:

    When the umpire has to administer a flagrant or persistent breach of the relevant Laws by faulting the offending side and reporting the offending side immediately to the Referee with a view to disqualification, he calls the offending player to his side as in the RED CARD case and in addition he calls the Referee to inform him and if the Referee agrees and decides to disqualify the offending side, a BLACK CARD is given to the umpire (by the Referee).

    The umpire then calls the offending player to his side and calls

    "...player's name, DISQUALIFIED for misconduct"

    at the same time raising his right hand holding a black card above his head.

    So technically it will be:

    2 yellow cards = 1 red card;
    2 red cards = 1 black card

    Then the player is disqualified and out of the match.

    Hope you still have the stamina to read up to this stage, remain in focus and not be distracted . Otherwise you'll be given the RED card!
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    Is it YELLOW: warning
    RED : loose a point
    BLACK : game over?????????????
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    I cant even see an umpire in that video..

    I'd say something if i was playing against that guy. It's so slack & unfair.
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    If i was playing with him i would piss him off by being even slower than he is. Walk around the court for a minute before serving and scream my lungs out at every point i win.
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    yeah, i was under the impression that you lost a point if you receive a red card.
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    Why would you assume that 2 red cards = 1 black card? Reading the suggested action, it seems that after the red card is given, the next offence is probably going to be a black card, so the sequence should be

    1st offence = yellow card; second offence = red card and third offence = black (disqualification) and that's at the discretion of the umpire in that they could be yellow, red, red, red (until the umpire got sick and tired) and decided to disqualify the player.
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