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    Well another person posted one of these few months ago but almost had success.

    Yerba Buena had lost our coach 2 years ago, last year one of our p.e. teachers had to coach for us.
    now he told us that next year he wouldn't do it gain.

    just some information about the team:
    id say most of them arent serious( and i mean realy realy serious) about badminton. they seem to like badminton but just play for fun.
    about 45% are serious and train during season. only 1/4 of the team actually goes out to other places like bintang and smash city to train on their own time. so we have so little dedicated players.

    right now we have no coach and season is about to start in 1 month and a half. season for YB could be canceled for all we know.

    Looking for a coach. Someone to train us and help us through out the season.

    1855 Lucretia Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95122-3799

    Get Directions
    (408) 347-4700 - school number

    or you can call (408) 347-4730 for our vice principle
    our vice principle also supports badminton(he plays to but doesn't have time for coaching)

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