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    Yonex 2006 Chinese Taipei Open

    20 th – 25 th Jun 2006

    General Information

    Organizer: Chinese Taipei Badminton Association

    NO. 20, Chulun Street, Taipei 104, Taiwan.

    Tel: 886-2-87711440; 87711509 Fax: 886-2-2752 2740

    E-mail: chntpe.ba@msa.hinet.net & chntpe@ms33.hinet.net

    Sanctioned by:International Badminton Federation(IBF)
    and Asian Badminton Confederation(ABC)

    Dates: 20th – 25th Jun 2006

    Prize Money: US$170,000-(5 star)
    ( 20% will be deducted according to local tax law)

    Venue: Taipei Physical Education Indoor Stadium
    NO. 5, Tun Hua North Road
    Taipei, Taiwan.
    Event Draw
    Men’s Singles ( MS) 64 ( 56 + 8 Qualifiers)
    Women’s Singles (WS) 32 ( 28 + 4 Qualifiers)
    Men’s Doubles ( MD ) 32 ( 28 + 4 Qualifiers)
    Women’s Doubles (WD) 32 ( 28 + 4 Qualifiers)
    Mixed Doubles ( XD ) 32 ( 28 + 4 Qualifiers)


    Referee: Junichiro Yamada (JPN)
    Deputy Referee: Lim Kheng Tee (TPE)
    Draw & seeding: will be conducted by IBF.
    Scoring system: Will According to the IBF AGM in May 2006, the decision of IBF scoring System will be followed.
    Tournament Schedule:
    20 th (Tue) Jun 09:00 Qualifying Round (if any)
    21st (Wed) Jun 09:00 Preliminary Round
    22nd (Thu) Jun 09:00 Preliminary Round
    23rd (Fri) Jun 13:00 Quarter Final
    24th (Sat) Jun 13:00 Semi Final
    25th (sun) Jun 13:00 Final
    (Above Tentative schedule may be changed at the discretion of the Referee)

    Eligibility: Participation is open to all national association members recognized by the IBF. All entries should be sent through their national badminton association.
    Entry : By fax or e-mail to:
    Chinese Taipei Badminton Association
    Fax: 886-2-2752 2740
    E-mail: chntpe.ba@msa.hinet.net and chntpe@ms33.hinet.net

    Entries must be made on the enclosed entry forms and send to above. All entries should be confirmed by organizer in return.

    Entry Closing: 20th May 2006

    Withdrawal: Will be handled under the provision for the World Grand Prix Regulation- PENALTY for WITHDRAWAL.
    Notification of any withdrawal with valid reasons must be submitted immediately to the organizer by fax/e-mail
    Clothing and
    Should comply to the IBF World Grand Prix regulation.
    Please note the name of the player on the back of shirt is mandatory. From quarter final onwards, same color of shirt is mandatory in Doubles, and recommended opposite pair wear different color shirts.
    Shuttlecocks: Yonex Brand
    Doping Control:Dope Testing will be conducted on random basis through out the tournament.
    Transportation: Will be provided for arrival and departure from the airport.
    (Only 10 minutes walking distance between official hotel and competition/practice hall).
    Official Hotel: Holiday Inn World Plaza Hotel
    NO. 100, Tun Hua North Road
    Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 886-2-2715 0077
    Room Rate: NT$3700 single/Double room
    (Breakfast & Tax included)
    Hotel Reservation: Should reach this office by 15th May 2004.
    The organizer has only secured a limited number of rooms.
    Room allocation is subjected to availability on a first come
    first served basis.

    Press Interview: Players must attend interview after their respective matches and any other request time (eg. Press conference, training session, etc) whenever necessary.
    Practice Sessions: Will be arranged according to the size and arrival time of each team. 3 free shuttles will be provided for each player.
    Umpire Briefing: 19:00 on 19 th Jun , in the official hotel.
    Manager’s Meeting:Tentatively at 21:00 , 19 th Jun in the official hotel.
    Welcome Party: 20th (Tue) Jun. 19:00 . Place to be notified.
    Visa Application: Players and officials who require a special invitation letter for visa purpose must submit full names/passport No./date of issued & expiry/date & place of birth, by 20th May 2006.

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