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Advice for Malaysian Juniors' Training

Discussion in 'Malaysia Professional Players' started by Loh, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Loh

    Loh Regular Member

    Oct 9, 2002
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    Singapore Also Can
    Badminton: Stick to joint training

    The New Straits Times
    By K.M. Boopathy

    05 June, 2007

    THE BA of Malaysia (BAM) should continue with joint training for the national senior and 2010-2012 Project squads as this probably won Tan Chun Seang (pic) the Vietnam Challenge title last week and the Singapore Satellite on Saturday. National singles coach Misbun Sidek, who is in charge of Lee Chong Wei, Hafiz Hashim and Kuan Beng Hong, has been having regular training sessions at the Juara Stadium, home of 2010-2012 Project squad, over the last two months and this gives the back-up players the opportunity to spar with the top singles shuttlers.

    Chun Seang, despite being the top player in the project squad for more than a year, has not won a title of note in 26 previous tournaments, but is now beginning to show consistency.

    The shuttler admitted that sparring with the seniors has helped him tremendously and that he is now confident of producing better results following his breakthrough.

    Another who has shown marked improvement is Chan Kwong Beng, who has been with Misbun for the last three months with three others — Lok Chong Chieh, Syed Akhbar Syed Mustakim and Zairul Hafiz Zainuddin — and the 19-year-old from Taiping has has taken full advantage of his good fortune.

    Kwong Beng, the top junior in 2005, had struggled throughout last year and it was Rashid Sidek, the 2010-2012 Project’s chief coach, with more than 10 players under him, sought Misbun’s help to guide the player.

    Kwong Beng was ranked World No 431 when he competed in Vietnam but reached the semi-finals and in Singapore, he went one step better by reaching the final.

    "I’ve improved a lot training under Misbun," said Kwong Beng. "The most important thing though is that I got the chance to train with Chong Wei and Hafiz and it was very good experience."

    "I never thought I could do well in the two tournaments but now I’m more confident," he added. "Training with the seniors has made the difference and I intend to make full use of the opportunity."

    BAM must continue providing the right exposure for Chun Seang and Kwong Beng and other back-up shuttlers.

    The body must also acknowledge the fact that China are not even considering sending their back-up players to Challenger or Satellite tournaments but instead are sent straight to grand prix events.

    Obviously, this should be the next step for players like Chun Seang and Kwong Beng who must, sooner rather than later, be ready to face the tougher challenges of the grand prix tournaments.

    Chun Seang, Kwong Beng and national junior champion Arif Latif appear to be the ones who have the pedigree to move up to the next level and, eventually, take over from the seniors but exposure is paramount.

    Rashid still has plenty to do with the rest of the back-up players — Chong Wei Feng, Lim Kenn, Liew Daren, Beryno Wong and Chong Li Qun — but they too should be able to make progress if they are regularly sent to play in tournaments.

    The disparity among the seniors and the back-up players is huge and BAM must accept this fact and should be looking into turning the average back-up players into quality internationals via a comprehensive programme. And joint-training is definitely one of the ways.
  2. s1nn3r

    s1nn3r Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2005
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    Tupai (from Msia)

    China got such a strong foundation, they dont even need to send their top juniors for satelite tournaments.. Crazzy!:cool:
  3. Dreamzz

    Dreamzz Regular Member

    Jun 27, 2004
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    London & Penang
    ah, it's good progress anyways for the MJs, hopefully they can move on to bigger things and replace their seniors in the years to come.

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