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Analysing your game

Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by ubite, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. ubite

    ubite Regular Member

    Sep 22, 2004
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    New Zealand
    Hi guys,

    I want to try setup a system to analyse my game. I notice that coaches on the sidelines while watching their players will often have a little notebook in which they may have their own way of recording data about the player (they might be recording things like unforced errors and where their player is winning and losing points).

    I did a quick search for mobile applications to record badminton stats and couldn't find any (there was one that did just the score but nothing more).

    I could video my game and then watch it - I just may not be able to get the right angle and the opponent may not want themselves taped.

    I do have access to a video camera and also have thought of just using a bit of paper and a pen/pencil in game to record as I win/lose each point on things like:

    - unforced errors
    - # of high serves
    - # of low serves

    Have any of you tried this or used something similar? What other data might you look at to get a good idea of where you (as a player) could improve on and potentially what weaknesses your opponent might have?
  2. LD rules!

    LD rules! Regular Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    Some things you could do:

    Video your match, but not only you watch it back, post it here in the "post videos of yourself playing" thread, then people can analyse, and point out what you are doing wrong/right.
    It's easy, video the match> post to YouTube, give us the link here, we give you feedback. Simple!
    I have done it aswell, it's useful, and allows you to get feedback and see where you are doing well and where needs improved.

    I use my phone, to video my games, I put it in the front pocket of my bag and my opponent usually doesn't mind and if he does, I just film anyway, they will never know.
    Hope this helps
  3. lukasek97

    lukasek97 Regular Member

    Nov 22, 2009
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    That's quite clever I'll try that

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