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anyone want to meet up and play in Hong Kong?? looking for badminton clubs!

Discussion in 'China / Hong Kong' started by vincent ting, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. vincent ting

    vincent ting Guest

    hello all

    As I am coming back to Hong kong on 15th June for 10 weeks, so I am lookign for people who group and meet out and play badminton together!!

    So , Please e-mail me back if you are in a badminton groups, badminton clubs in HK, where u do have regular meeting and playing,!!

    cause I am free most of that 10 weeks, and would like to play as much as possible to warm up for the coming strong seasons!!
    I am 22, and I am from Hong Kong!!!
    thanks a lot
  2. john

    john Guest

    hey vince
    i want to can u give me info about the clubs
  3. vincent ting

    vincent ting Guest

    at the moment, I am nit sure about the clubs, so I am here to ask around

    do u play regular in HK??
    Can i join you??
    cause I will be in HK almost all summer, so I just looking for some bamdminton session to keep me fit :)

    see u later
  4. john

    john Guest

    no i m not from hk i m from ontario, i just want to find a place to keep myslef warm and hope to learn more things in hk to play and learn

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