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Badminton Related Competition

Discussion in '2009 Tournaments' started by laivc, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. laivc

    laivc Regular Member

    Mar 23, 2009
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    I suggest if the BWF can hold some badminton related competitions, similar to NBA's slam dunks & 3-pts contests in the future World Championship to gain more publicity for the games. We can have a Biggest Smash Contest to measure who has the fastest smash, a Highest Jump Smash Contest to measure who can reach the highest point from the ground when executing a jump smash, etc for both men and women competitors. I supposed the sponsors like Yonex, Victor and Li Ning, etc will be interested as it is their sponsored players representing the brands breaking world smash & jump records during the events. Thru' these spectacular events, racket companies will be pressed into urgent mood to further develop their rackets to outdo each other.:) What do you guys say?
  2. ctjcad

    ctjcad Regular Member

    Sep 27, 2004
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    If just for fun..

    ...sure why not. But i'm sure the sponsors would give some kind of monetary rewards for the winners.

    For the fastest smash competition, i'd like to nominate these 3 athletes and let them duke it out to settle all disputes:
    Fu "Don't call me the 332 km/h smash king anymore" Hai Feng, then
    Nakao "I bested FuHF's fastest smash record but TanBH bested me" Kawamae and
    Tan "I'm the new Fastest Smash King" Boon Heong

    For the Highest Jump Smash competition, i think we could set it up into 2 categories. One is a standing still or no running jump smash category. And the other one is the running jump smash category.

    Pretty soon, we'll have players executing a "Running and Jumping over 3 players Highest Jump Smash" competition.:eek::rolleyes:

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