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Bay Badminton Center 3!

Discussion in 'Bay Badminton Center ( BBC )' started by BBCManagement, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Nov 28, 2009
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    Bay Badminton Center 3!

    Bay Badminton Center will begin operations in Milpitas, located at 1191 Montague Expressway, beginning March 16, 2010. Bay Badminton Center's new Milpitas facility is the same location currently occupied by Smash City.

    Bay Badminton Center is happy and excited to be coming to Milpitas and continuing the work that Smash City started five years ago. Although Bay Badminton Center is not affiliated with Smash City, we will continue to support and promote the sport of badminton in the South Bay just as we have done in the Peninsula.

    Bay Badminton Center extends our gratitude to Wayne and Jim for their assistance in an amiable and satisfactory transitional period, as well as their initiative to create one of Northern California's first dedicated badminton facilities five years ago.

    1191 Montague Expressway in Milpitas will be closed for extensive facility improvements from March 16, 2010 thru April 30, 2010. Bay Badminton Center is targeting May 1, 2010 completion of renovations and re-opening.

    Please check our website and/or our Bay Badminton Facebook for future updates. We look forward to joining the community and providing the South Bay with the premier badminton experience.

    Bay Badminton Website
    BBC Facebook

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