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Discussion in '2018 Tournaments' started by cxytdn, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. samkool

    samkool Regular Member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    too pre-occupied to work
    the next superseries tournament
    your point is well taken. it's another aspect to the system. but, if you run the #'s & $'s it's still a tough road from a team's $ point of view.

    let's say a team sends 10 to 20 athletes to a ss/p tournament and they all flame out early, before 1/4's. obviously a financial loss. even if 1 wins, is it enough to cover the whole team/staff expenses? (air, lodging, food, etc.) not by much. lcw certainly isn't making enough to pay for the rest of the team's current state of sucking, haha!

    now picture the big teams entering gp & gp gold level, which you have to do in order to work your way up to ss/p level. you end up entering a lot of gp/gold level. they are a money loser over 99% of the time. this is why athletes will sometimes have no coaches present, to save $. 10-15 athletes traveling in pursuit of way lower prize money. singles winner makes $9,000. scary, eh? someone better win to offset the team's cost of making the trip!

    by the time an athlete has reached ss/p level they haven't won enough money to cover the costs of getting them to the ss/p level. so, yes, you want to get there asap but 99% of them will never recoup the association's total investment in their career. - ANNEXURE A DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZE MONEY.pdf
    [it's the same distribution for gp/gold]

    if you look at the $ breakdown tables you wonder how teams make $. well, they don't. they are supported by local companies & gov't. i guess you could say the athletes are employees of non-profit organizations.

    what about the team's/players that don't get gov't/corporate help? exactly. you can only name a few. and they are barely making a living.
  2. Yoji

    Yoji Regular Member

    Apr 3, 2017
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    I think its the year that is more important to stay injury free more than anything.

    Can see in 2017 there are many injures especially in XD. By the end of the year, many WS also on the brink of injuries it feels. and we dont want Srikanth or Axelsen that are missing tournaments because they are still young. They are not as old as LD LCW CL.

    I always think if they name it WorldTour, arent they basically making it like tennis?

    Wouldnt it be more prudent to make it 8 important tournaments and 7 tournaments SS-equivalent (becomes redundant) in future by branding?
    So, they should add more to the SSP equivalent to make it like its ATP1000 event ( which has 9 tournaments instead of 5 here) since 3 PoP is like GrandSlam.

    Many questions be answered.
    #142 Yoji, Dec 7, 2017 at 10:13 PM
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