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clubs in E.Kent

Discussion in 'UK' started by Slinky, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. Slinky

    Slinky Guest

    hi there, i've recently moved to east kent and am struggling to find suitbale clubs to play at. can anyone recommend some clubs of a good standard - higher league div that may be looking for new members and match players
  2. Dimo

    Dimo Guest

    I recently moved to East Kent on a temporary basis. I found the North Foreland site useful -

    - but it's a bit short of some vital club contact info. I've joined a club in Herne Bay for a while and visit one or two others.

  3. Slinky

    Slinky Guest

    you still around in E Kent or have you moved on. Sorry for delay in replying, forgot I'd put this posting here, it was the first time I'd been onto this forum


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