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CNY Greetings

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Pakito, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Pakito

    Pakito Regular Member

    Jan 16, 2011
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    service consultant
    Greetings to my fellow BCers here, young and old, wise and prudent - wishing you health and prosperity, happiness and joy in this year of the dragON!

    To those who are just picking up on badminton or rather just fiddling with the racquet, I wish you many years of joy and injury-free games. May you smile with your heart while wiping your sweat-drenched-face with a your towel after a well fought game. :D

    To badminton old-timers, may you never stop improving on your skills.

    To those who have already hung up their racquets (due to various reasons), may it bring you happy memories but continue watching tournaments and matches with delight of 'those-were-the-days-when-I-could-equally-play-that-well-and-better'. :)

    To those who are on the coaching arena, may you unravel rare unpolished jewels/diamonds waiting for you to carve them to be at least 'jaguh kampung's if not world-class beaters.(no pun intended :D)

    To those who are spectators of the sport only, I wish you complete 'blissful ignorance'.

    And last but not least, to those who can really understand and empatized (especially ex players and coaches) what being a sportsman is like, I wish you even more BLISS. :cool:

    Oh let's not forget to well-wish our beloved BAM as well, who is still awating the chicken to lay another golden LCW egg - Good Luck! Lots of it.

    From Pakito 23 Jan 2012.
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