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Dutch Open!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Valentino, Feb 4, 2002.

  1. Valentino

    Valentino Guest

    I was at the Dutch Open that lasted three days this weekend. it was cool, but kinda boring this edition. The last two years the mens singles was won by Dicky Palyama, and also this year he won without loosing a set!

    The ladies single last year was won by Mia Audina, you probably know her, she played for Indonesia and won silver on the Olympics. (Palyama is original from Indonesian too btw)
    But this year she lost in the semi finals becuz of an injury.The final this year was won by Yao Jie, shes really good (38 of world ranking but still) 7-1, 7-0, 7-2!!

    17 till 24 februari the Thomas/Uber cup qualifiers tournament will be held here close by and i cant wait to go see it! ( I wish I could go to Guangzhou!!!!!!!) lol
  2. Jan

    Jan Guest

    Re: Dutch Open?

    Hi Valentino!
    Can I ask a question - how many from the Dutch national team is born or brought up in Holland?

    Good look with cheering to Dutch team to Guangzhou!

    In the Uber cup I am pretty sure you will get through by beating Germany in the qualifier.

    In the Thomas Cup - Palyama will have to win his single - Everyone else on the Dutch team is out-ranked by their opponents in the group, Germany - but we will see!
  3. Zax

    Zax Guest

    Dutch Open is in October

    To be exact, these were the Dutch National Championships, not the Dutch Open (the last tournament is played in October).
  4. Valentino

    Valentino Guest

    Re: Dutch Open is in October

    I know, national championships then!

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