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Edmonton Club Access

Discussion in 'Canada West' started by t3tsubo, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. t3tsubo

    t3tsubo Regular Member

    Aug 26, 2006
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    Edmonton AB, Canada
    I've read a few threads about how there arent that many places to play in Edmonton, and I thougt i might be able to give you a heads up on a nice way for kindof cheap badminton lessons.

    I know the derrick club is very expensive and posh, but if you join their summer programs which are open to non members as well, you have a chance to impress the head coach (IE youre very good and not part of any other club), he might offer to sponser you. What this means is you dont have to pay membership at the derrick club to get badminton lessons at the derrick club, therefore, its cheaper :).

    Word of caution. DONT bring this up with him cuz then he knows you heard of it from somewhere else. He is pestered every year with parents asking for him to sponser their talentless (cough that was mean sorry) kids and his sponsership is strictly invite only. Youre not even allowed to tell you got sponsered.

    This is how I joined organized badminton, as before i swam competetively all the time.

    Just a little heads up for all you E-towners out there :)
  2. timhortons

    timhortons New Member

    Sep 9, 2006
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    I agree that it is a little costly to play at private clubs but if you got what it takes and has the talent, I am sure the head coach won't mind taking you in and helping you to excel in badminton as much as you can. I know a lot of coaches out there who are very pleased to help good attitude players who are willing to learn and compete. oh !! i should really emphasize on GOOD ATTITUDE !!

    and be grateful if they take you in and don't start to be cocky or start to slack off....

    my 2 cents

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