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Fake? or not?

Discussion in 'Identify Fake Racket (Price/Source/Serial/Photos a' started by asdf, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. asdf

    asdf Guest

    I have a friend who owns a CAB 15 Ti Power. He told me that he bought it at around 140 Singapore dollars. When I examined it, there was no serial number. The grip size & the weight was engraved on the shaft. (2U G4) I was just wondering if this racket is really real??? Btw, how do you really know if your Yonex racket is really real?
  2. asdfg

    asdfg Guest

    LOL! should of went to Luxis and bought authentic rackets instead of junk!!
  3. Lazzz

    Lazzz Guest

    i think it is real, i see it selling here with the PBSI mark on it.
  4. asdf

    asdf Guest

    Yeah, it had the PBSI mark on it, but I'm just not sure if it was real or not. I used it and it felt like the real thing.
  5. ak

    ak Guest

    i can say it is real, older yonex rackets will not have serial no, on both the shaft and the handle
  6. Matt

    Matt Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    IT Developer
    Richmond, BC
    Could be real.

    Some of the fake rackets try to immatate the PBSI mark as well. Does your Yonex racket have the old symbol? (I don't have a picture of it to show you but I guess you can describe it).
  7. timbuktu

    timbuktu Guest

    might be fake or real but hard to tell. i will always go with the racquets with serial numbers from reputable shops. i wouldn't buy it.
  8. badrad

    badrad Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    currently unemployed
    Surrey, Canada
    couldn't stop laughing last night. saw a Yonex fake - Carbonpro 1000. the Yonex font looked like it came off a dot matrix printer, but there was an "GENUINE YONEX" hologram sticker, a PBSI logo as well, but the entire racquet fit and finish smelled purely fake, no serial numbers, no production markings. The "Carbonpro 1000" on the shaft was tilted, as if someone slipped during the process. the head grommets were a variety of uneven sizes, a stringer's nightmare. paint job on the head looked like someone ran out of paint and used another batch.
    but considering bought in Vietnam for $30 not a bad little beater racquet.

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