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Finding group or club at wangsa maju

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by kyvioschan, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. kyvioschan

    kyvioschan Regular Member

    Feb 11, 2008
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    Wangsa maju sec. 2
    Me come from johor , I now live at wangsa maju sec 2 due to study at tarc
    Then actually I started played badminton last year march , so can say still a rookie , then at before i didn't focus a lot on my footwork...
    So I finding some club or group that play badminton near wangsa maju here or somewhere else
    My technique not good as well , but i have the big interest and passion to train my technique
    If any good club or group allow to take me in , pls contact me 017-5205011(Koon Yee)....
    Kindly join any club , and due to i am not resident of KL , so I got transportation problem , if who can drive any vehicle carry me , i would willing to pay the fee...
    I like badminton , just technique not good enough , so i like to improve it...

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