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Forming regular badminton group on Sat afternoon (West)

Discussion in 'Singapore' started by simplelad, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. simplelad

    simplelad Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Building on to my this regular group on Saturday afternoon, I am inviting for more 4-5 more intermediate-advance player....would apreciate if u can also enjoy playing against players of all skills level...

    Venue : Prefer to play in Jurong East..Gombak is second choice if no courts at JE

    Time : 3 to 5pm

    prefer to keep it at a healthy size of under 10 players..(having problem booking courts on sat afternoon..."super peak " hrs)..and so that evryone will have enuf games and enjoy themselves fully

    Some of my players in this group are missing in actions due to good cause...overseas work attachments, busy work schedule, part-time studies....and particularly my sister inlaw who plays good badminton is pregnant...:) where at times, minus one gal can means also pulling away other female players..(no enuf companions and full of guys in the courts)...:(

    Based on our current strength (8-9 players), each person normally pays about $5-6...inclusive of courts n shuttles...

    so if u r keen to join our friendly group, pls pm me your name and contact no..and most prob we will start playing nex week..


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