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Forza racquet

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by hon, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. hon

    hon Guest

    I am wondering if Malaysia sells Forza racquets?
    I have a friend coming from Malaysia next month. I would like to price check the Ti Tech 1100 and Ti Tech 1400.
    Can anyone help me out, please?
    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Mag

    Mag Moderator

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Graphic Designer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Forza is a Danish brand, and hasn't consciously targeted the Asian markets yet. Europe, USA and Canada are areas where you would find distributors. However, there might be specialist shops in Asia that import Forza products from Europe, but then the prices would hardly be competitive. You'd probably be better off ordering online.
  3. hon

    hon Guest

    I am in the states and thought I might be able t get it cheaper from asia, i was wrong.
    Thanks Mag.
  4. Eric

    Eric Guest

    I live in canada
    ti tech 1400 is 250cdn.
    ti tech 1100 is 195cdn.

    some were about there
  5. jim

    jim Regular Member

    Apr 26, 2002
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    I use the The Tech 1400 and I got it for 180 at a Promo by the FORZA company. Anyway if you are interested you should email them and since you are buying two rackets you would probably get a deal. Also the fact that you would be paying in US dollars will be a bonus you are lucky!

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