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game listing

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by harry, May 7, 2001.

  1. harry

    harry Guest

    i've been trying to look up show times for any type of badminton games on TV (in canada) but doesn't seem to be having any luck. can anyone tell me where i can get a good source of upcoming tv schedules with badminton games?
  2. Wedge4Life

    Wedge4Life Guest

    they do NOT show Badminton in Canada .. not even in the Olympics.. not really

    in the last 10 years i've seen about 18 mins of Badminton on Canadian TV

    In Atlanta Olympics 96 i saw a few clips totalling around 3 mins.i 2 weeks
    this was after watching hours opon hours of the same Repeat broadcast of rowing over and over for 6 hours straight *boring*

    In Sydney i saw about 2 mins of Badminton in the 2 weeks of coverage on CBC, i think the Badminton Canada people tried to get a petition going to ask the CBC to show more badminton.. i dont' think it helped

    i went to the forum board on the CBC website and found TONS of complaints about them Not showing enough minority sports .. i dont think the CBC ever reads those forums .. i don't think they care .they will continue to give us what they THINK we want to see.

    the best iv'e seen was about 5 mins of footage from the Commonwealth games in Kuala Laumpur where canada played Malaysia in a quarter final *Awsome*

    if you really want to see badminton or any other sport other then Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Tennis or Soccer you better get a Satillite showing Asian TV or find a place to order tapes overseas becuase you won't find any on Canadian television.. not enough to mention anyways. ;(

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