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Grip report: Tecnicfibre Pro Contact ATP

Discussion in 'Grip' started by speedyJT, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. speedyJT

    speedyJT Regular Member

    Aug 28, 2012
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    Software Engineer
    Hi all,
    I havn't found a thread about this grip, so I want to give you a short report.

    I normally play with the grip: Yonex AC102EX. Basic grip + one of the AC102EX. I like it much but after 2 - 3 weeks I have to change it because the tackiness is gone completely.

    Some weeks ago, I went to a sport shop and saw a few tennis and badminton rackets. Next to the rackets - the grips. There were only tennis grips but I thought "why don't to test one of these". So I picked this grip:


    Tecnicfibre Pro Contact (ATP World Tour).
    0,6mm thickness (as AC102EX).

    The first surprise at the cash desk:
    3 pieces in one pack for the prize of 8,99€.
    For comparing: 3 pieces of AC102EX costs round about 4,50€.
    I already found a better prize in some online shops for this but that was the prize I paid in the shop.

    If have to say - the start of the wrapping was at first a bit tricky. The grip is not as stretchable as the AC102EX. I normally stretch it a lot at the beginning to reduce this small wrinkles. I didn't get it the first time, so I had a few small wrinkles at the bottom. As I read, the most of you wrap the grip that it ends with the glued, sticky end and don't need a special tape. I don't do it that way - I always use the tape. The delivered tape with the grips is really really good and have a better quality than the Yonex end tapes/strips.

    Never had a better grip feeling in my hand before.
    The wrinkles at the bottom were not noticeable.
    It feels much softer than the AC102EX and the tackiness is pure awesome.
    A little bit spongy, not hard or "flat", just soft and nice.
    The control and handling with this grip is magnificent.

    As I only played 4 times with this grip, I can't already say how long the tackiness will be kept, but till now, it's as tacky as at the beginning and the nice feeling is still the same.
    I can tell you more about that after a few more sessions if you like to.
    I hope it will last some more weeks that it's profitable compared to the AC102EX because of the prize.

    This is my first grip report, I hope everything is understandable and okay.

    Maybe some of you guys already played with this grip, too?

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