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Halim Haryanto says goodbye to PBSI

Discussion in 'Indonesia Professional Players' started by jkusmanto, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. jkusmanto

    jkusmanto Regular Member

    Jul 9, 2002
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    This is the news from Badminton-Indonesia

    Finally the All-England champion and World Champion in 2001 withdrew from the national training camp of Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI). Halim says he wants to help his parents with their business and also a possibility to further his studies.

    Rumours have been going around about the state of Halim's in the Indonesian squad. After failing to qualify for the Olympics with partner Chandra Wijaya, Halim has never been in a tournament. Chandra/Halim was paired after Chandra was upset with Sigit's "lack of discipline".

    Now Chandra and Sigit are together again and are prepared for the China Open next week, Halim is no where to be found. His belongings in the room of the camp were already cleared out and attempts to contact him did not succeed. His partner Trikus is waiting for him desperately more than anyone else.

    The 28-year-old, as reported by local newspaper Kompas, said he had intended to submit his resignation in May but he postponed it until the new administration came in. PBSI approved his resignation in an official letter dated back on 22 October 2004.

    "I just knew it today that the letter was out since then," says Halim after picking up the letter at the camp today. Asked about his plan in the future, he said he was still deciding his next step but currently busy with his parents business that make him travel Bandung-Jakarta frequently. Continuing his education is also in his mind, he added.

    Halim is world champion with Tony Gunawan. With the same partner, he took an All-England title. His participation in the US Open recently is seen as a start of his moving to the country, following his former partner. Halim and Trikus Haryanto saved Indonesia from lost at Thomas Cup final in Guangzhou when Indonesia was lagging behind Malaysia 1-2. Indonesia then took the cup.

    We lost one of the best double players of the world.
    The very recent rumour is that he will follow his ex-partner to US ? It is true ? We will wait and see ?

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  2. Fook90

    Fook90 Regular Member

    Mar 19, 2004
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    Very sad indeed. I think PBSI treats Halim like a 'second-hand' player and don't proritize him at all. This year, he was left out of the Thomas Cup team. I believed he could have performed better than the selected doubles player who had never won against China, Malaysia and Denmark (Only Flandy and Eng Hian managed to win Kien Keat and Choong Eng).

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