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Hello Badminton World!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by kschai, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. kschai

    kschai New Member

    Dec 10, 2012
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    Hi there,

    Started seriously playing 3x a week, a few years back when reaching my 40 yrs of age. Never really got a chance to play badminton at a young age cause cannot afford it. Table-Tennis way cheaper when I was young, rental at 50cents/hour over 8dollars/hour. Not to mentioned a 20cents table-tennis ball that practically last long over the life-span of a 10-shuttles tube. I only bought my first racquet a few years back also, Pro-ace, then apacs, fisher, & protech. Still have not buy my first Yonex racquet, maybe until I am good enough.

    Taking up a sports as a hobby for health interest, badminton was the only sports that is still famous and played by lots of enthusiast, unlike table-tennis and squash here. In fact, all the squash courts that i know of were converted to table-tennis, or totally left in ruins. Sadly, our country have the best female squash player in the world, Nicole David.

    Playing doubles with a group of older and advance players currently, and was lucky with their patience that I am slowly improving. Playing badminton 3x a week does not mean I am healthy, I even get gout attack a year back. After started running seriously a year back, I lost 20lbs in 6 months with proper diet. Today, I still run regularly and join 10k-21km marathon, to maintain my current weight at 77kg and and I'm 6' tall. I also started a few months back to start training my core doing sit-up, push-up, and squats.

    I can now play singles game without going out-of-breath. I still lose a lot in singles, as I started learning playing doubles game. I am still trying to improve my footwork with the help of my better stamina, but my stroke-play or shots are still limited, with my limited singles game tactic.

    I am still learning by asking all the players in my group on improving my double and singles game play.

    Sorry for the long post, hopefully, I can post some of my videos soon to get help or pointers from the masters here. Which section to post videos to ask for help?

    Thanks for reading and hello again.

    ps. Btw, I'd watched lots of videos on youtube countless times, i.e. Zhao Jian Hua, Lee Jae Bok, Chen Wei Hua, & others. My 11 yo son is more lucky, as he is joining group training under former BAM women double player.
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  2. CanucksDynasty

    CanucksDynasty Regular Member

    Apr 27, 2011
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    Working to pay for badminton stuff
    Burnaby, BC, Canada

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