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Hello Everyone ! I Love Badminton !!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by chinx_4eva, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. chinx_4eva

    chinx_4eva New Member

    Jun 21, 2008
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    HELLO !!

    nice to meet everyone here.
    i might be new here, but not new to badminton !

    been playing badminton for about 8 years now

    i live in Australia, Victoria.
    i Play at Springers Leisure Centre (also known as the South Eastern Badminton Association S.E.B.A) .. and i also live next to it aswell....

    ummmmmmmmmm .............

    i am a doubles player,
    currently using an Armotec 800 DE (i have two of those.. hee hee):)
    im also using a Yonex 7624 Tour badminton bag (light blue)
    i loveeee playing with RSL tourney no.1 shuttles, they are probably the best flyers around my area..

    i also lovee shopping around for new badminton gear!

    currently interested in buying a new bag.
    Yonex 9829 Pro Thermal bag
    if anyone has a good offer feel free to message me !!

    and yea. i hope i'll fit in here :D

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