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Hello fellow baddies

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by suavemann, May 13, 2004.

  1. suavemann

    suavemann Regular Member

    May 12, 2004
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    :) Hello ppl. Never knew that such a forum existed for badminton diehards. I'm 30 yrs old from Msia but working in Spore now. Used to play for my school, both doubles and singles.
    U know, with this forum going on , its so much easier to find like minded ppl to play badminton with on a regular basis. When i first came to Spore ( abt 4 yrs ago) i was desperately looking arnd to play badminton with. Its important to find players with the same level of play.
    I just so happened to find my contact thru the Straits Times classifieds section. U c, Zarina Abdullah, the ex- national Spore player advertised in the classifieds offering her services as a coach. I wasn't looking for a coach but i called her anyway and asked for any leads / contacts to play badminton with . She immediately gave me a SBA officials number and he linked me up with a few badminton clubs in Spore. Just the thing I needed.
    After that played regularly at SBA hall. Then got to know a guy there who plays regularly at PUB club in Braddel road.

    Anyway, to cut the story short, its so much easier to find places to play with this forum now, compared to few years back.
    Cheers/ Suavemann

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