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Hello from Porthcawl, South Wales!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by moose1980, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. moose1980

    moose1980 Regular Member

    Aug 14, 2013
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    mental health nurse
    Hello all! I've enjoyed playing badminton since I was 14, and although I've taken a few breaks (due to injury or work, or both!) I've always come back to it! I currently play at a lovely club in Porthcawl, South Wales, and I am hoping to start my coaching qualification this September! Although, doubles is the usual at most clubs, I particularly like singles matches. Favourite players? Lee Chon Wei and Boonsak Ponsana... Favourite racket? I currently use the Yonex Voltric Z Force... If anyone wants to play singles in the area sometimes, let me know. If anyone is interested to learn more about the club, this is the website I have put together; Lovely to meet everyone, Martyn

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