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Hello, here is a Malaysian residing in Penang.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by oetzi, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. oetzi

    oetzi Regular Member

    Dec 16, 2012
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    Sarawakian in Penang
    Hey guys, pretty nice forum you have here. It's great to see so many being obsessed with the same sport that I love. I'm in my early twenties, 5'7. In terms of game level, I'm a social player trying to learn the deeper nuances of the game.

    I joined this forum and received a ban almost immediately :p. This is my gaming alias and after creating it, I decided that it was more fitting to have more badminton oriented name. I discovered that I couldn't change it, and so I brilliantly created another account without first reading the rules:rolleyes:. I hope I'll have that one back soon! (with this one deleted). Ok, now for the badminton stuff.

    One of my goals is to have a proper backhand clear, one that could go from baseline to baseline. For now I always resort to a backhand drop or sliced cross-court backhand drop. I can't get the clearing technique yet and put too much exertion on the muscles. Of course, before that there are other prerequisites to work on. e.g. sufficiently quick footwork and great timing to enable me to get into a position where a backhand clear is even feasible at all. For now I'm told that my footwork is too 'tense', and with that I'm not as smooth and flexible as I should be. Not to mention that it burns more energy.

    I'm also trying to get used to changing grips fast for different scenarios. For now I do get a bit disoriented at times, especially when going through a pushing rally using the much suggested pan-handle grip, when suddenly a drive catches me on my backhand... it's not the most convenient thing to change from a pan-handle grip to a bevel or standard one in between those split second drives. So for now, I do drives with mostly a standard grip.

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