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hi-qua ti10 and swing power, winex 16, 17 and 18?

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by john, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. john

    john Guest

    Hi-Qua Ti10 and Swing Power
    Winex 8, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18

    does anyone own or know anything about these racquet? performance wise, how do they compared to top end yonex racquet? would you recommend any of these racquets over yonex's iso500 swing power? the iso500 is about the same price(~120$cdn) as the top end hi-qua and winex racquets, but is definitely not a top end yonex racquet.

    i currently own a yonex mp77(2U), which i find is a little too heavy for double play. so i'm looking for a lighter racquet specifically for doubles. however, i'm not willing to spend over 200$(cdn) for top yonex racquets such as ti swing power. that's why i'm looking at hi-qua and winex racquets.

    thanx for your responses.
  2. shaun

    shaun Regular Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Theatre boy!!
    North York, Ont
    mp77 is good! i love it! mines 2u too.
    why dont uget a 3u then?
  3. harry

    harry Guest

    hey, where do you live? wanna sell your mp77? how long have you had it for?
  4. john

    john Guest

    hi harry!

    i live in toronto, and i've had it for only about a month. it's still in perfect condition, no visible nick of scratches. however, i'm not very interested in selling, unless you're willing to pay close to what i paid for. i have mine strung with blue bg68ti strings at 22lbs. i paid 204$(cdn) for the racquet and strings. although i find it to be too heavy for double play, i still think it's an amazing singles racquet. i'm simply looking for a racquet more suitable for doubles, and not for a replacement for my mp77.
  5. harry

    harry Guest

    where did you get it?......howz 170?
  6. john

    john Guest

    i got it at lees. hmm... 170? i don't know... how about 180$? and i i've never thought about selling it before you mentionned it. however, before you consider it, i should probably tell you one more thing about my racquet. like i said before, it has not visible nicks or scratch(none that i can see), but it does have a very faint red line at the bottom of the shaft. if you know what mp77 looks like, it's gray, and it has a things red line drawn down the shaft and stops about 2.5 cm before where the handle begin. i was bored one day, and decided to continue that line by extending it myself with a red permanent marker, and tried to erase it afterwards. so now, there's a very very faint short red line, where i draw on before, but it's barely noticible. you can definitely inspect before if you're interested in buying.
  7. john

    john Guest

    oh, by the way, it's a G3 grip.
  8. joseph

    joseph Guest

    yeah... probably should have gotten a 3U... but aren't they not available in canada? i find it's response a little bit too slow for quick wrist snap smashes in doubles, cuz of it's weight. i think i need a 3U racquet, or simply a more head light 2U racquet. i'm thinking of ti10 3U. does that exist in canada? will the extra stiff ti10 shaft be a noticible difference compared to mp77's stiff shaft?
  9. TrunkZ69

    TrunkZ69 Regular Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Bay Area
    hey john, maybe you should just use your mp77 for doubles. i think if you use it, i'll build up your arm right? Im not exactly sure, but i think ppl are suppose to train iwth heavy rackets. I know ppl who use Ti-10's for doubles and like Iso 800's. I believe those rackets are for singles correct? I think you should just build up your arm and so On. I need to do that toO! ok bye
  10. john

    john Guest

    hey trunks! thanx for you advice. but since i play doubles most of the time, i think i'll do better with a slightly more head light racquet. my philosophy is, if i do build up some wrist/forearm strengh, then i'll be able to swing a lighter racquet even faster! believe it or not, i found the ti10 2U actually more head light than my 2U mp77. i think the 2U mp77 is more for an advanced/pro players. harry gave me the idea to sell my mp77 and with that money and about 50$ more, get a ti10 3U, if it's available in canada. if not, i'm willing to take a 2U version. even that is a little bit more head light than mp77... that's just what i think, comparing it to my friends ti10 2U from hong kong. although, i have heard that hk 2U racquets are actually lighter than canadian 2U racquets.
  11. harry

    harry Guest

    actually never mind cos i can get it from yo's for $190 with free stringing and they have warranty while lee's rackets doesn't have warrant
  12. Mark

    Mark Guest


    Winex have a Ti-Swing Power and I play with one in both mens and mixed doubles.

    It is my favourite racket at the moment and I do not hesitate to recommend it.

    The Winex T-10 is basically a copy of the Ti-10, even the colouring is almost same. I have had a few people use one, and they actually prefer it over their Winex Ti-10's! This would be a good buy too.



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