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I need a coach CA BAY AREA

Discussion in 'USA West' started by zic, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. zic

    zic Guest

    If anybody lives around the bay area, do you know where i can get some coaching around the bay area, possiby near san francisco or daly city/south san francisco.
  2. Cheng Tam

    Cheng Tam Guest

    Are you looking for a private coach or you're looking for someone to coach a team? I live in the East Bay, I can help you with the basics. I played two years in Junior Nationals.
  3. mystikal

    mystikal Guest

    You suck 2 years only. What did you win in those 2 years?
  4. before someone can play in the national team, he/she has to have very advanced skills. 2 years in the national team does not mean 2 years of badminton. Tam might've played since birth. :)
  5. errr

    errr Guest

    I think sense Jealousy from Mystikal here... Lol.... probably one of those fat kids who sit at home envying people that play badminton cause he can't play at all!

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